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Grace Lee

Liberty Hill High School8

Liberty Hill, TX | Williamson County

April 28, 2011

I am not impressed with the High School AP English Teacher. She is very cranky toward some of the students and isn't very professional. Unfortunately, she is the only option or my student would have transferred out. Also, the AP Biology teacher seems intent on teaching her religious views. My student said that they have drowned the teacher out lately, because she just goes on and on about it. Great! What happened to teaching fact not religion in the classroom? If you have a student in LHHS you might want to teach sound principles at home so students will recognize flawed scientific principles.

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February 25, 2009

Liberty Hill Stresses a great education with allot of great teachers of course not all teachers are great ! but overall the teachers in the LHISD are very qualified and LHISD is a great place to have your kids go to School they really stress the importance of making good grades to the students and it has definitely worked with my Girls they love the Schools there is so much school pride at Liberty Hill,come be a part of a great school district. We did

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April 26, 2005

I graduated from Liberty Hill High School, and found that the education I received there prepared me for college far more than I thought it would. My teachers worked one on one with me, and had a desire to see me succeed. When they saw that I was struggling they did what they needed to in order to help me succeed. When I moved on to college the classes I took there were so much easier for me because I had an excellent base education to come in high school.

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